It's been a while.

Karen & I have done so much over the years, we have countless looks to choose from if we needed an image on demand for a specific theme. Karen & I have also built such an incredible friendship in our time of knowing each other, she is truly my bestie! That's not just a statement or phrase that I'm throwing out there to intensify the explanation of our friendship, we truly are best friends! We talk regularly about any & everything life has to throw at us, we hang out with our spouses, I've gotten the chance to spend much time with her family, & there's opportunity for us to travel together soon 🤞

Back Story.

Karen & I used to shoot together pretty regularly. So much so, together her & I have been labeled Kobe & Shaq by some. What's changed is what happens with all friendships, LIFE! Our friendship hasn't changed one bit, it's been forced to be adjusted & I can say that we've graduated to a new level of friendship.

Karen married her best friend Manny in 2022. Obviously a huge transition in life such as marriage is going to require some adaptations to everything around you. Karen decided to switch sides of the camera & step behind it instead of being in front of it as much. Of course, that's right in my wheelhouse because now we can team up and work together still, but in a different way. I have taken on the role of being a mentor to her as she begins her journey as a photographer.

In need of help.

Karen being the friend to me that she is, I can call her with anything whether is something serious or something pretty petty & silly...It doesn't matter! This go round, I actually called her for a favor. I wanted to work on some simple lighting techniques to polish my skills and to stay sharp in certain areas, Karen came to my rescue!

The natural light penthouse at my studio in the evenings doesn't provide much natural light as the title suggests. Being aware of that, lately I've avoided scheduling sessions past sunset to avoid dealing with the frustration that I've had in the past with lighting subjects in that setting. I've had great sessions in that setting & I've had some awful sessions in that setting. Being the lighting guy that I've been touted as, I took it personal to figure out this deficiency of mine in my craft. Plus, it's been a while since Karen & I have done a creative shoot!

Christmas time is upon us so we figured, let's play around with some simple Boudoir techniques and Christmas modeling looks. I rarely do Christmas themes with models for creative concepts, don't ask me why 🤦‍♂️

We Ain't Gone Anywhere!

Life hits, things change. The key is adaptation & sacrifice! Karen & I have adapted to a new chapter for both of us. I have moved into a slightly new direction with my brand & I don't do as many creative sessions as I've done in the past, that's ok. It is fun every now & then to create something unplanned, bounce ideas off of each other & vibe out to music & photos!

You'll still see Karen & I together creating, just sparingly as our schedules allow. When you do see us, we'll be sure to hit you with a bang each time with fresh, new content!

Brett Bell Jr.

About the Author

Brett with J Bell Visuals is one of Denver's premier, internationally published black photographers specializing in Editorial and Beauty photography behind his signature light shaping techniques. Throughout the years he has built a multifaceted portfolio in fashion, boudoir, senior, commercial and wedding photography.