When you connect with an individual as passionate and compelling as Taban you create stunning work! Every time that her and I connect, we don't seem to miss.

Here on our third session together, Taban and I have seemed to create some incredible high fashion content that is unlike any other that I've created with anyone. She truly brings a style my way that fits with the vision that I have for my brand. I couldn't have foreseen vibing with her the way that we do when we shoot together. It's as simple as turn on the camera and go! It's truly not more complicated than that.

The task for this session was pretty straight forward. We wanted to create a few high fashion looks using business suits which I knew Taban had plenty of with her background of work. Taban is an on-air meteorologist for WeatherNation and a very good one at that! Her experience on set translates extremely well to the studio setting on camera. As a matter of fact, as we started on our session I mentioned to her how well her experience would translate to us filming our modeling video and it did!

My belief is that when passion is involved in a project that you're looking to execute, you always succeed! Taban has an incredibly smooth flow to her posing which gives me the ability to worry about the things as a photographer that I need to carry out well such as framing, composition and lighting. I think that many times those skills go unseen in the work that we do as photographers. When you work with someone that can take half of the work that you need to do away from you, it gives you the ability to focus on other tasks associated with the job and it allows for more concentration and focus towards those tasks to create better images.

Taban is one that I am overly excited in creating with for the future! She is such a joy to be around and an extreme joy to work with! Like I mentioned earlier, she brings out a side of creativity that I am seeking to bring more of to my brand and I love a good challenge...she challenges me in the best ways possible!

I hope that you can enjoy this set as much as we do and I ask that you to stay in tune for what Taban & I have in store for next. We're already in the planning phases for our next session and this set will be unlike a set that I've done before. I've secretly been waiting for the right individual to carry out a look like what we have planned and Taban is it! It's shaping up to be very refreshing & flowery.

Peace and Love ✌️