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Ok, you’ve decided to go on an adventurous experience in doing a Boudoir Session. I know that you have many questions going into this session. Don’t fear, I am here to walk you through the entire process answering any question that my arise! 

I love shooting boudoir. I love the empowerment behind a boudoir session! This experience will build confidence in yourself and motivate you to love who you truly are!

You have booked the session. Now it’s time for you to prepare going into your session. Below is a checklist to guide you as we get closer to your session date. I’ll check in with you along the way for any questions, hesitations and such. As always, if you have any questions, please contact me!

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  1. Pinterest Boards - Take a look at my different Pinterest Boards for inspiration and tips for your session.
  2. Go Shopping - Find pieces that you look good in & feel goo in! Don’t be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone.
  3. Narrow down your outfit choices - Narrow down your choices to 3-5 outfits
  4. Think about how you want to display your images - Albums and prints are an excellent way to show off your boudoir images.

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Boudoir Intimate Sexy Model Development Portfolio Photoshoot Denver Portrait Studio Photography Nude Implied

The Week Of

  1. Paint your Nails & Toes! - Freshly painted nails and toes look amazing in photos. If you’re not a nail polish person, treat yourself to a mani & pedi a day or two before your session. You will love the results in the photos!
  2. Eyebrows! - Be sure to shape & groom your eyebrows the week of your session.
  3. Hydrate! - Drink plenty of water & maintain great skincare throughout the week of your session for luminous skin!
  4. Stay out of the sun! - NO SUNBURN! Stay out of the sun to prevent red, blotchy skin.
  5. DO NOT SPRAY TAN! - I cannot stress this one enough. Spray tans cause an orange discoloration and  color correcting can be an issue while editing because of imbalanced skin tones.
  6. Begin packing your bag - Since you have narrowed down your outfit choices, pack throughout the week of to ensure that the essentials aren’t forgotten.
  7. Bring a few outfit options - I can provide guidance in selecting a few pieces. A good variety of  options include a nice bra & panty set, a lingerie outfit, either one piece or two piece, a silk or lace robe. Bring your favs and we can collaborate on set with what photographs best. Dress to your level of comfort.
  8. Bring heels! - Heels are a lovely accessory and will compliment you very well on your shoot. Heels elongate and slim the legs.
  9. Jewelry and Accessories - Bring a few jewelry pieces and other accessories along with you for your session. I can help pair what works best for each look. Your accessories are what tie each look together and makes it look fabulous!
  10. Bring extra makeup! - For the sake of doing any touchups especially lipstick, bring extra makeup just to play it safe! If your skin tends to be oily, bring oiling blotting sheets to freshen up throughout your session. I have mirrors on set that you can use for reference.
  11. Wax - If you wax, do so a few days before your session to avoid any bumps or redness. Don’t worry, your private areas won’t be photographed but for the sake of the areas peeking out of your lingerie, we want to present a pleasant look.
  12. Perform one last fitting! - Be sure that your outfits fit properly and are pleasing to your taste. Please remove all tags and labels. Hang them properly to keep their shape. Steam & iron any wrinkled clothing.
  13. Plan your route - Get directions to the studio beforehand and allow yourself plenty of time to arrive to the studio without stressing. Please allot enough time for unexpected delays.

The Day Of

  1. Eat - Eat something light but filling to get you through your session, you’ll love the results! Pig out afterwards!
  2. Deodorant - Use clear deodorant for much more pleasant results in your images.
  3. Hair & Makeup - Arrive with hair and makeup camera ready.
  4. Arrive in loose fit clothing before your session - When you leave for your session, please try to leave in loose fit clothing. If you can, preferably no underwear underneath. Tight clothing leaves indents on the skin that shows up in photographs. Sure I can edit them out, but it prolongs the process on me getting your photographs back to you. Loose fit clothing includes a t-shirt or sweatshirt, baggy sweatpants or a flowy dress. Please avoid leggings and socks. Socks are a huge culprit!
  5. Don’t forget to moisturize. - Right before you leave, be sure to moisturize your skin to give you a fresh, glowing look.
Boudoir Intimate Sexy Model Development Portfolio Photoshoot Denver Portrait Studio Photography Lingerie

Have Fun & go on an Adventure!

Trust me as your photographer to bring the best in you out in your images! I will guide you and coach you along the way.

Relax, it's time to celebrate YOU!

About the Author:

Brett Bell Jr.

Photographer | Videographer

Brett with J Bell Visuals is one of Denver's premier, internationally published black photographers specializing in Editorial and Beauty photography behind his signature light shaping techniques. Throughout the years he has built a multifaceted portfolio in fashion, boudoir, senior, commercial and wedding photography.