It's been a while!

I recently did a major website overhaul in March of '23 & in the process I abandoned my blog. I wanted to continue my blog but at the time I couldn't find the inspiration to keep it going. As a creative you sometimes struggle to find ways to be innovative & to be totally transparent I did experience this. The goals in mind of completing the overhaul of my website were to start my online store & to create a much cleaner website to attract new visitors, both of which I were able to achieve. "But then what" is where I was left when it came to the new content that I had been creating. In creating this new structure, I needed what I felt would be a new platform to publish my new content which would feel fresh & innovative. I had yet found that until my most recent session with Cynthia!

The morning of our session an idea came across my mind & the light bulb came on. But this wasn't the idea that sparked the resurgence of my blog, it was just an idea to create a spark of inspiration for me. It wasn't until halfway through our session during a wardrobe change that the resurgence of my blog crossed my mind, "Yes, this is it!"

This is the second session that I've had with Cynthia & our first was a bang! I had been a fan of hers for quite some time & felt that it was fitting that we see how we could vibe together. The vibe was incredible on our first session but the day of our second session I'm thinking, how can we take it to another level? I shared with her a bunch of ideas that I've had in mind for some time now & that was our focus but as the day drew nearer, I lost inspiration to capture those ideas. Again, I was looking for a spark!

Let's back up for a second without making this blog post too long. Some that know me know that I learned how to use a camera in an unconventional way, I learned videography before I learned how to photograph. I started in video & had no interest in photography & halfway through my journey I completely flip flopped my mindset. I now strictly photograph subjects & have little interest in videography. Over the course of probably 2 years or so now, I have combined both in my creative process but I struggle to find interest in shooting video at all outside of paid gigs, just to be honest. On a side note, I can't stand social media's push for more video! I'll save that hate for another post.

So now that you know that, back to the story 😝

My search for inspiration going into our session was greenlit by an idea of using some of the expensive equipment that I rarely use to create a new kind of content, at least new for me. "Shoot a modeling video & photograph our session around it" was my thought. But what would it look like? No lie, I told Cynthia the morning of, let's just wing it! After seeing her level of experience & professionalism, her flow and passion for the craft on our first session, I had no doubt that we would create something magical. I was willing to fall flat on my face with this idea because like the saying goes, "you have to be willing to fail in order to succeed".

We didn't fail by any means!

Welcome back blog ☺️

BTW, I did not delete my existing blog posts before my website overhaul.I hope that you can enjoy this session as much as we did!