5 Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Headshots

Making the decision on if you should hire a professional photographer to take your headshot photos or not has many layers attached to it. From the mind of a photographer like myself, this topic is pretty much a no brainer but I can understand why many would have reservations on hiring a professional for the job when our phones do so much. The things that our phones can't do are provide a professional touch such as lighting and posing but we'll touch on that more in detail below. This article simply explains 5 good reasons to hire a professional photographer to take your headshots and why.

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1.) First Impression:

Making a great first impression is something that we as humans are taught at an early age in life. Look your best, be your best, use your manners are a few tips that we are given to make a first impression on someone. Looking your best, being the best version of you and displaying your foundational values are things that can be viewed through an image believe it or not. One that is confident in themselves displays that confidence in their overall appearance. We as humans psychologically make judgements about people based on their appearance. Studies have shown that we decide everything from intelligence, social status, professional status and sexual orientation within 11 seconds of meeting someone, crazy huh? In using that information, it is important that we understand why when making a first impression it is key that we display the best versions of ourselves by hiring a professional to capture us at our best.

A professional Headshot Photographer will be able to capture your personality, place you in flattering poses that compliment you, place you in good lighting situations, retouch your skin to provide you with a natural image that doesn't transform you to look like a different person, and capture images that provide the vision of what you intend to accomplish with these images. First impressions are everything for someone who intends on seeking success!

Professional Corporate Headshot Personal Branding Photographer Denver Portrait Studio J Bell Visuals

2.) Confidence:

A great, powerful image will boost your confidence and exude professionalism on how others view you. In turn, that confidence will boost how others view your professional abilities. You may not go into your headshot session possessing that confidence or be ready to put that confidence on display. Portrait sessions can be intimidating but it takes a true professional to 1, calm your nerves and 2, bring out in you what's best about you! A great quality headshot will portray someone that is serious about their success and that you're taking your career seriously. On top of that, it makes you seem very personable. Posting your headshot to job search sites, social media profiles and/or your website show off your personality to prospective employers and networking opportunities.

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Professional Headshot Personal Photographer Denver Portrait Studio J Bell Visuals

3.) Stand out from the pack:

It sometimes amazes me that still today some individuals will crop themselves out of a photo with an ex, or crop themselves out of a photo at an event and place it on their LinkedIn profile or other social media sites. It's usually a grainy or blurry shot of them in a Tux or a Dress. They can't possible feel as if that image is going to provide them with positive results in the world of success. This isn't a great representation of who they are or what they are about. A great headshot provides you with credibility and professionalism. A great headshot says to a potential recruiter that this person is serious about their success. A great headshot placed in a group of cropped out photos is sure to stand above the pack. Make the worthy investment of having your headshot professionally taken by a quality photographer and see the return on investment by turning heads on first impression!

4.) Networking:

The immense amount of opportunities available in the age of the internet are incredible. Why take a chance on your future successes by providing a lackluster first impression? Headshots now days can be utilized for many different uses such as the obvious social media profiles, but resumes as well. You can use them for business cards to leave potential colleagues with a professional, memorable image that can place a face with a name and to keep you at the top of their list for future opportunities. They can also be used in email signatures.

In the world of social media, a quality headshot is sure to stand out above others. This will always provide results that give you more profile views and networking requests. A quality headshot is one of making a great first impression!

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5.) Worth the Investment:

Overall, paying a professional to capture you for a quality headshot is worth the investment for many different reasons. Sure our mobile devices have come a long way with technology available today but there is no replacement for posing a subject, providing great lighting and bringing out the personality in a subject. Like mentioned above, a great photographer will retouch an image that makes you still look like you!

Your headshot session is a career investment! Investing in yourself and your future will provide you a great return on investment in the long run. These images will increase your chances of getting hired or provide greater networking opportunities because of the professionalism and confidence displayed. For the sake of future success, this isn't something that you want to place a lackluster effort towards, hire a professional!

There you have it, 5 great reasons to hire a professional photographer to capture your headshots. I think that these are a few reasons to get your wheels turning when you're ready to head out on your professional journey.

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I hope that you can use this information and transition into seeing the successes that you've dreamed of. Invest in yourself now for the success of your future self!

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